7 Ways To Know It’s Time for Breakaholics Anonymous

If you’re a breakaholic and you know it, clap your hands.

We’ve all been there; you’re glued to your favorite breaking company’s live show at 11:30 PM on a Thursday night as you assure the better half for the third time that you’ll “be right up.”


Is it the rush of getting the monster pull? Maybe you just like hanging out in the chat with other collectors. Could be your favorite breaker has a voice smoother than Bob Ross and you just need some happy little packs in your life. Whatever you’re telling yourself right now, there is an excellent chance that you, my friend, are unaware that you are addicted to breaks! In denial? Let us remind you that you are on Let’s do a quick check with 7 Ways to Know it’s Time for Breakaholics Anonymous.

Excited overjoyed young businessman

Reason #1: You start every conversation with “Guess what I pulled!”

Guilty. Especially if you get a monster hit, right? When you finally go up to bed to see the better half, and you start out the convo with “Guess what I pulled!” you not only are on the path to being a breakaholic, you’re also cruising for a night on the couch.

Bored girl listening

Reason #2: You speak in Breaks Lingo.

Pulled a sick banger from a retail blaster in a PYT; that disco Prizm is fire. Pop report at PSA for a 10 is 4 for this RPA so put that in a card saver for grading.


We don’t need to even translate any of that – you know what every word of that statement means. Oh, you know.

man hiding gift box from behind

Reason #3: Hiding packages.

Almost as much as you love watching the hits during breaks, you love yourself some mail days. Few things are better than getting your hands on the cards when they arrive!  Sometimes you may not want to let on how many breaks you’re buying into, though. “You forgot to do this” is very easily followed-up with “You had time to buy into breaks, it seems!” If you’ve ever hidden a package of cards from a break, you’re a breakaholic.

two men friends emotionally watching football

Reason #4: You start rooting for rival teams.

It’s hard to say “Let’s go Red Sox” if you’re a Yankees fan, right?  You just can’t do it… but you have. If you were in a Pick-Your-Team break and you landed on the Sox, you may both be rooting for a big pull so you can sell the card and then for the player to do well so you can get max value back on the sale. You hate it, but you do it.

Friends make bets

Reason #5: You know more about your breakers than your friends.

What is your breakers’ favorite drink? Don’t lie; you know it. Either the breaker talks about it during the show or you see them chug one on-screen. You watch all day and night, so it’s hard to not pick up on personal details of your card breakers. Birthdays, music, pets, etc. Bet you don’t know the birthday of your friends’ dogs, but you totally sent your breaker’s dog a gift from Bark Box as a thank you for a big hit.

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Reason #6: You plan your day around breaks.

Try and tell us none of these instances sound familiar:


• You take your lunch break at 3:00 PM instead of 12:00 PM because that’s when your breaker goes live and announces the daily promos. 


• Dinner reservations on nights that you’re not into a big break.


• Watched a break on your phone during a live sporting event.


• PTO from work to meet your favorite breaker at a card show.

male using smartphone

Reason #7:  You set alerts on your phone for when your breakers go live.

At 4:00 PM on a Tuesday, your YouTube notification goes off on your phone. Around 8:00 PM on Wednesday, the Facebook icon lights up on the screen. You don’t even know what Twitch is but you have the app, and it’s making your phone buzz. We know you don’t want to miss any of your big hits, bonuses, or a celebrity opening up a pack on your shows!

If you nodded yes in silence to any of these seven signs, you need breakaholics anonymous. Don’t worry – we are ALL in the same boat. Now, we’ll go ahead and put the colors of all the paints you’ll need to paint with today across the screen… oh, wait, wrong show. We mean: Hi, our name is, and we too are breakholics.