The 15 Best Card Breaks Companies

The 15 Best Card Breaks Companies of 2020

We have your back with the best card breaks companies of 2020.

Whether you’re new to card breaks or a seasoned pro, we want to make sure you’re dealing with reputable card breaking companies. You’ll also want to find breakers that offer products that you enjoy both with prices that fit your budget and schedules that meet your needs. is here to help with our annual Top 15 Card Breaks Companies. In no particular order:

VB Logo

1. Vintage Breaks

Vintage Breaks launched in 2017 filling a need for a breaker of vintage cards.  Owned by Leighton Sheldon, the company made waves in the hobby by offering spots in a 1955 Bowman baseball pack break to be opened at the 2018 National. Shocking the world, out came a pack-fresh Mickey Mantle card in a story you can read here:




Price Range of Breaks: $3.00 – $2,500+


Types of Breaks: Pack, Box, Set, Hit Randoms, and personal breaks for all sports and non-sports. Vintage packs from the 1950’s through the most recent products are available


Break Locations: The main office is located in Somerset, New Jersey, but the company has branched out with breaking in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Phoenix, Arizona. All breaks take place on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, as well as their website


Breaking Schedule: Seven days per week with times ranging between 1:00 PM EST – Midnight. You can see the full schedule here


Breakers: Leighton, J5, S10, Chris Gilmore, Drew, and Charlie G.


Community Engagement: Between all social platforms, “VB” has over 29,000 followers dubbed “Break-A-Maniacs” that join the live shows and interact with the breakers. When big pulls happen, the breakers will even call the customer and have them on the show to chat about the break.

Blowout Logo

2. Blowout TV

Co-Owners Thomas Fish and Chris Park have owned Blowout Cards since 1999.  Getting into the breaking game, Blowout states if you fill a break during breaking ours and they’ll open the product within minutes.




Price Range of Breaks: About $20 – $40,000 (for high-end cases)


Types of Breaks: Personal, Box, and Case. Blowout offers spots in very high-end, modern products, but also has “retro” breaks as well for vintage action for all sports


Break Locations: Chantilly, VA. Matt and Houdini are the Blowout breakers, each with their own pages where you can watch breaks. Here you can watch Matt, and here for Houdini 


Breaking Schedule: The website is up 24/7, but you can get Live Break information here


Breakers: Matt and Houdini


Community Engagement: Nearly 60,000 followers across their social media pages watch Blowout breaks, but there is a great forum you can chat along with to keep up with all the breaks

Layton Logo

3. Layton Sports Cards

Rich Layton has made Layton Sports Cards a family business. Rich owns a hobby store but ventured into breaks in 2012.



Price Range of Breaks: Around $19 to $7,500


Types of Breaks: Personal, Pick-Your-Team, Random, Box, and Case for all sports and even Pokémon


Break Locations: Altamonte Springs, Fl. on YouTube


Breaking Schedule: Five days nights a week around 5:00 PM -EST. – Midnight


Breakers: Rich Layton and Breaking Brad


Community Engagement: With breaks happening on YouTube, that’s the place breakers and customers chat mostly given their huge following of 41,000 subscribers. Around 43,000 followers also combine for Facebook and Instagram where interaction is always plentiful

MojoBreak Logo

4. Mojobreak

Owners Dan and Doug operate one of longest-tenured breaking companies; they started breaking for you back in 2010 and have completed thousands of breaks. Dan and Doug invite you to see the drive, or the “Mojo” of breaking.




Price Range of Breaks: About $20 – $1,500


Types of Breaks: Personal, Pack, Box, Pick-Your-Team, and Random. All sports are available and even multi-box breaks can be purchased


Break Locations: Santa Clara, CA. with a live-breaking feed on their site here 


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week with varying hours that you can find on their schedule here


Breakers: Doug, Dan, and Conrad


Community Engagement: With about 33,000 followers between Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Mojo is always chatting with their customers.  Going a step further, Mojo also has their own Podcast you can listen to here

Platinum Logo

5. Platinum Breaks

Platinum Breaks has been a presence in the breaking scene since at least 2014. A unique “plat bucks” program is available where $1 store credit is = 1 plat buck. Platinum lives up to their name by breaking high-end products for affordable prices.




Price Range of Breaks: About $13 to $750


Types of Breaks: Pick-Your-Team, Random, Box, and Case of all sports


Break Locations: Pfafftown, NC. on YouTube 


Breaking Schedule: Seven days per week, starting around 3:00 PM EST. and going into the night. On release days, the team will start at 11:00 AM EST


Breakers: Platinum D, Austin, Megz, and G-Man


Community Engagement: Most of the action happens on their YouTube live feeds where the #PlatFam combines for over 10,000 subscribers that chat with breakers during the show

Real Sportscards Logo

6. Real Breaks

Established in 2016, Ryan Holland and Tom Kulkzewski began Real Breaks for a family-friendly show.  You must be a member of their Facebook page to join the breaks!  In a world where it’s tough to stay “safe for work”, Real Breaks keeps it light.




Price Range of Breaks: Join the Facebook group for pricing


Types of Breaks: Pick-Your-Team, and Random for all sports


Break Locations: Champlin, MN. on Facebook


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week for 10 to 12 hours per day


Breakers: Ryan, Tom, Titus, Emil, Eric “Bone”


Community Engagement: With 15,000 community members, most of the chatting is on the exclusive Facebook page. Real Breaks does have fun with members via Break Battles; you pick a breaker and if they win, you win bonuses!

Jaspys Logo

7. Jaspy’s Case Breaks

Breaking as far back as 2014, Jaspy’s is run by Jaspy’s Hobby Land owner, Mike Jasperson.  “Jaspy” has been in the business since 1982 when he owned his own card shop, and previously worked for both Beckett and Topps.




Price Range of Breaks: Around $20 to $550


Break Locations: Hermosa-Beach, CA. You can buy a personal break and watch it be opened on Instagram and the YouTube channel where the group breaks take place


Types of Breaks: Personal, Pick-Your-Team, Random, Box, and Case for all sports


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week with a Retail store open from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Breakers: Mike, Nick, and Joe


Community Engagement: Even though you buy personal breaks on Instagram, you’ll have 40,000 fellow followers watching your pulls while Mike and team root for you to get a big pull

Grand Slam Logo

8. Grand Slam Collectables

Grand Slam’s Nathan Burns began breaking in 2017 on Facebook with “After Hours” breaking after having success as a card store owner starting in 2016. The Facebook page requires membership to access the breaks.




Price Range of Breaks: Join the After Hours Facebook page to see prices


Break Locations: Murfreesboro, TN. on Facebook


Types of Breaks: Much like the price range, you need to be a member of the Facebook page for break types


Breaking Schedule: Three days per week with the dates and times accessible on their Facebook


Breakers: Nathan


Community Engagement: Exclusive breaking must make it great for the community; you feel like you’re part of a private club at Grand Slam. Nathan chats with up to 2,500 customers that tune into the After Hours show.

Filthbomb Logo

9. FilthBomb Breaks

FilthBomb has been breaking for several years under the ownership of Stephen Michael. A company that offers Loyalty Points, Merchandise, and sells the latest products.




Price Range of Breaks: About $20 – $100+


Break Locations: Glen Cove, NY. on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch


Types of Breaks: Personal, Random, Box, and Case for all sports


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week from about 9:00 PM – Midnight EST. with the daily schedule posted right on their site


Breakers: Stephen Michael, and Johnny O.


Community Engagement: From “Filthy Swag” merch to a lot of interaction amongst the customers at Filthbomb, there is a lot of action with customers during breaks.  Stephen hosts the show with a lot of energy, similar to a radio DJ

Steel City Logo

10. Steel City Collectables

Sean Bennett and Ken Amaroso co-own Steel City after pairing up to buy the start the company in 2002.  Eventually venturing into the breaking business, the company now breaks in The Steel City Breaking Room with all of the latest products in the hobby.




Price Range of Breaks: About $50 to $3,000


Break Locations: McKeesport, PA. on The Steel City Break Room


Types of Breaks: Personal and Random of all sports


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week with each breaker having their own schedule posted on the site. Hours run around 11:00 AM EST. – Midnight


Breakers: Brett, Chris, Steve, and Tyler


Community Engagement: Nearly 20,000 followers between YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch that breakers will converse with. With the breakers’ schedule posted, you’ll always know with whom you are talking with

Dave & Adams Logo

11. Dave and Adam’s Card World

Dave and Adams has been in the collectables business for over 30 years. Co-owner, Adam Martin, ensures the company title of “Card World” lives up to the name by having a massive warehouse of product that you can now get in on breaks with.




Price Range of Breaks: About $25 – $340


Break Locations: Williamsville, NY. on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch


Types of Breaks: Personal, Random, and Pick-Your-Team for all sports and non-sports including Magic the Gathering


Breaking Schedule: Varies with a schedule by sport here


Breakers: Jersey John and Sean


Community Engagement: D & A is very active on their social media accounts and during breaks; they have over 100,000 followers combined on their social media pages!  MVP Mondays is a fun bit to introduce you to their employees on their social media

Blez Logo

12. Blez Brothers

Three brothers that enjoy bringing you card breaks that bring 12 to 15 hours of content per day. Blez is upfront with their “base” card shipping policy by sending you those common cards from your breaks once per month but shipping your big hits immediately.




Price Range of Breaks: $5 – $1,500


Break Locations: Las Vegas, NV. on YouTube, and Instagram


Types of Breaks: Personal, Pick-Your-Team, Random, and Box breaks


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week with a daily schedule here


Breakers: The Blez brothers


Community Engagement: Aside from chatting with you during live breaks, the Blez brothers also blog on their site for you to keep up on their breaking.

Coffee Breakers Logo

13. The Coffee Breakers

Starting late in 2020 but coming strong out of the gate, The Coffee Breakers are owned by DJs Steve Aoki and Skee, and investor Dan Fleyshamn.




Price Range of Breaks: About $45 – $400


Break Locations: Hollywood, CA. on Twitch and Instagram


Types of Breaks: Random Team, Pack, Box, Mixer, and Personal


Breaking Schedule: Seven days a week


Breakers: Dan Fleyshman, Steve Aioki, and DJ Skee


Community Engagement: Breakers are always posting on Instagram which has over 33,000 followers. Many celebrities stop into the retail store so you never know if you’re going to be talking with an A-lister in the same break as you

World Champion Breaks

14. World Champion Breaks

Owned by current MLB pitcher and World Series Champion with the Washington Nationals, Kyle McGowin, World Champion Breaks offers something unique to card breaks with real sports connection. Starting mid-2020, World Champion Breaks grew quickly thanks to Kyle’s influence.




Price Range of Breaks: Varies by team and product, but some teams will cost as little as $4 while others cost $100+


Break Locations: Various locations; Kyle sometimes breaks on the road. You can watch on Facebook and Instagram


Types of Breaks: Pick-Your-Team, Random, Personal, and Box breaks


Breaking Schedule: Varies and is dependent on when breaks fill. You can follow the break progress on Facebook and Instagram


Breakers: Kyle and Craig Palmisano


Community Engagement: Kyle does something that sets the company aside from others by breaking live at baseball stadiums.  It’s not every day you can chat with a big-league pitcher at the stadium he’ll be pitching in later after he completes your break. He’s very quick to respond on Facebook to all questions

Phil's Pulls Logo

15. Phil’s Pulls

Another World Series champion is in the breaking business. 2009 Champ (Yankees), Phil Huges, is ready to open your personal breaks.


Website: Phil only sells breaks on his Instagram


Price Range of Breaks: Varies; Phil offers personal box breaks


Break Locations: Phil’s home via Instagram


Types of Breaks: Personal or Box Wars


Breaking Schedule: Varies; Phil breaks late nights on his Instagram account where you can find breaking updates


Breakers: Phil


Community Engagement: Phil is very active on his personal Twitter account where he has over 150,000 followers. Phil’s Pulls will happily chat with and answer questions during your personal breaks on Instagram, too. You can see Phil’s personal breaks and see products he reviews for the hobby on his YouTube page that has over 60,000 subscribers.